School Time Table Software

Best School Time Table Software

Affordable, integrated and cloud based school management software

Best School Time Table Software

School Time Table Software provides schools / colleges with powerful features for any type of private and public academic institutions in India and abroad. This One of the bests School Time Table Management Software helps you to manage school time table. Time table management module makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.This Software is created specifically to automate the process of Time-table Generation with the Aim to minimize the manual Errors which occurs mainly while assigning periods to a teacher of a class group. This School Timetable Software helps you to create a time table according to a particular class section group.

It helps to add, edit and delete time-table of a particular class group. It can be used by teachers to find out which periods he/she has to take on a particular day. In this Software one additional feature is that if a teacher not present in particular day then for all period of that teacher could be adjusted by any free teacher on that day.With computerized assistance, in this School Time Table Management Software,the time table can be modified by the time table in-charge person to suit more specific needs of the school.

  •  Assign periods to faculty for whole week and it will also publish to student panel
  •  Students can download time table from their panel
  •  Adjust periods to a free teacher if a teacher is absent.