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Online Examination Software is a cloud based Exam Management system which helps you to create, conduct and manage online exams with its user friendly interface. As we know that in schools, colleges, coachings and any other educational institutes, printed materials and stationeries are used to conduct exams which consume lots of manpower money and time. But with the help of this web based examination software one can auto mate the process of conducting exams.

Online Exam Software is used for conducting online tests as per the patterns of online exam systems preferred by the institutes.

Free Online examination Software for 2018-19

Some of the main features of this Online Examination Software are following


Online Test Software Features

Plateform Independent

The online test system is platform independent. The questions are seen clearly on any device Windows PC/Phone/Tab or even Android and Mac machines.

Our Online Test has an android platform so that the students can take the test on their smartphones. This will make even smaller institutions to implement online test in classroom without investing much money in buying computers. Even if some institutions can buy computers, space is always a problem. Our Online Test Android/Smartphone/Tab interface can be used to solve this problem.

Incorrect questions and solutions can be shown

Many such institutes also want to show the questions and options of the incorrectly solved questions to the candidate to facilitate him to solve these questions specifically. It is possible in online test software to show only incorrect questions or all questions with or without solution as per requirement.

Instant Online Test Results

Online Test System is used by different organisations for different purposes. Some organisation use it for practice of candidates while the others use for assessment. Some other organisations use for the recruitment tests. And thus they have different needs related to display of online test results.

If a coaching institute is using the online test system to allow its candidates to have repeated practice of several topics taught in the class, then such a class would expect the test system to show instant result after the online test so that the candidate can immediately know the status and prepare accordingly.

Allocate the Number of Tests to Student

The administrator can fix the maximum number of tests for each student. This can be done automatically at the time of selling the online test package. This can also be done manually by the administrator.

Allow to Attempt Only Specific Tests

The administrator can allow the candidate to attend only specific tests. For this the specific Test IDs are recorded in candidates log. He can opt only from these Test IDs. This feature works if a list of tests is provided on the website and the student can pick or select the tests as per his choice. The list of specific tests can also be allocated by the administrator.

Take Test Repeatedly

There are 2 modes, Practice mode and Assessment Mode. If test is defined in Assessment mode, then such a test once solved cannot be solved again. BUT if a test is defined in Practice mode a candidate can repeat the same Test After Submission.

Graphical Reports After the Test

Student can see graphical reports after the test. However some graphical representations are available only after the test has been completed by all the students.

Online Test Software Admin Panel

Our Online Test Software facilitates easy administration of all processes involved in conducting an examination. With just minimal manual participation

Create an Online Test

  • Select a title and an ID for the test
  • Enter the Test Duration in the count of minutes
  • Specify the time period within which the test has to be taken.
  • Specify the Group/Batch/Class & Branch for which you are creating the test, so the tests will be visible to only the concerned group of candidates.
  • You can create online tests for any number of questions.
  • You can also separately upload the test instructions and the test solution files, in HTML and PDF formats.

Test Duration and Period

  • Set the duration for the test; say 30 minutes for a test containing 20 questions.
  • Set the start and the end time and date for the test, so the test will only be active for some time, say between Sunday 3:00pm and Tuesday 1:00pm.
  • Candidates have the privilege of taking the test any time before the expiry of the test period.
  • A timer is provided to keep a check on the time left before the test ends. If you get accidentally logged out due to issues in network connectivity, candidates can login again after the connectivity issue is resolved and continue the test from where it was left.

Test Duration and Period

Upload Questions and Answers

  • Create an online test paper in predefined Word templates
  • Upload the Questions
  • Define the Answer Key
  • Tag your questions subject-wise and topic-wise
  • Apply Marking Schemes for each question
  • Upload the test instructions & the test solution

Question Paper (Creation & Uploading)

  • Create your own online test based on the pattern desired by the institution.
  • Questions are manually written in predefined MS Word files containing grids.
  • You can also create a question bank using our Question Paper Generator Software and then use it to create an online test in the online exam software.
  • Your online question paper can also contain images and complex mathematical formulae.
  • On uploading the Question Resource file (as the Word doc templates are referred to), the software will automatically split the questions and options as per the online test pattern.
  • You can also create Bilingual Online question papers. However, note that the online exam system software does not translate an English question paper into (say) a Hindi test. The text for the second language must also be inputted by the user in the format specified.

Uploading question papers

Question Grouping & Sections

  • You can tag the questions according to subjects, sections etc.
  • Topic tags can be created and applied to questions within a subject/section/topic. For e.g. "Physics" can be a subject tag and "Light" can be tagged as a chapter or a topic in Physics.
  • You can also set parameters to restrict the candidate from starting another section before completing the current section, by defining all the questions as mandatory to be attempted.

Question Order & Shuffling

  • The online test management software generates multiple sets of the same question paper you have uploaded by randomly shuffling the questions so each candidate gets a unique online test paper.
  • You can number the options in different formats, like A,B,C,D or 1,2,3,4 etc.

Question Order & Shuffling

Marking Schemes

Each question you include in the online test can be allotted a different marking scheme. The online exam software supports all marking patterns, including positive and negative decimal marking, and bonus marking.

Marking Schemes

View Online Test Results

  • According to your Institute’s examination pattern and standards, candidates can be allowed to get instant results that they can view upon completion of the test.
  • You can also generate a complete detailed graphical analysis report for a student’s performance.. If you have integrated the exam management software with the our OMR Software, you can view the cumulative results from both the Online Tests and the OMR Tests held.
  • Outputs can be exported to Access, Excel, DBF, CSV or XML formats for printing and distribution of results.

View Online Test Results

View Online Test Results

Online Test Software - Attempt Online Test By Candidate

As a common solution preferred by many educational institutions and government examination bodies, Our exam management software helps conduct online based exams and automate the evaluation process.

  • Candidates get the list of tests they can attempt, if the rights are permitted to the student by the administrator.
  • A report of all logged-in candidates can be obtained in a PDF file.
  • Candidates can download the test schedule, practice sheets, assignments, and the study materials that are specific to their batch or group, using the Download panel.
  • You can view the Attempted questions, flagged questions, total marks, total time and time remaining
  • An answer sheet displays your attempted answers appears at top right corner which can be hidden You can Pause and resume the test.
  • You can also submit the test any time
  • The test will be automatically submitted if the time is reached to submit the test

Student Online Test Panel

Tests scheduled in the near future will be shown with the label "Coming Soon".

If the candidate has not attempted the online test within the defined test start and end date/time, it be labeled "Expired". Within the active test period, the tests will show in the list with the label "Take Test".

Student Online Test Panel

After submitting the online test, student can be permitted to view instant test results, along with the detailed test solutions. Tests completed within the specified start and end date will show up with the label “View Result”, upon completion of the test.

Candidate view Instant Online Result Panel

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