Political Campaign

We follow these strategy in marketing of Political Person

Social Media Pages & channels

By Creating Social Media Pages and Channels

Aside from creating personal social media accounts, the politician should also have social media pages.

So we created the social pages which are mentioned below -

Facebook Page

This will be used to reach your target audience on Facebook and run Facebook Ads. We built your (politician) presence on facebook by creating a facebook page. In order to target audience we put some great graphics and post in the page. This will also leads to more likes (facebook Likes) on your post. More likes shows more audience are watching /reading your post. So we help you in getting more likes on each and every post and graphics. Our social and economic post will help you to cover every kind of audience be it, industrialist, businessman, or a common man. Each and every audience will be targeted.

Addition to this, posting creative banners is most effective way to get audience interest, in your social activities and moral values. And hence your audience comes to know about you and your social activities.

In brief, we follow these to reach maximum audience on facebook page-
  • By Creative banners
  • By Social post
  • By Raising public current issues
  • By Facebook Ads
  • Showing your Social work to audience
  • Creating Public discussion column
  • Creating more likes (facebook likes ) through interesting Posts
  • Helping in increasing number of followers (facebook page likes )

Twitter Account

This will be used to reach your target audience on Twitter and run Twitter Ads.

YouTube Channel

This will be used to upload your potentially viral videos and reach target audience on YouTube.


Instagram is a popular mobile app that has 400 million active monthly users worldwide. It is widely used by younger voters, hence, utilizing this app is a must.

Other social media platforms

Depending on your target audience, there are other social networks that can be useful in your digital marketing campaign. But take note that focus is important so you might just want to concentrate on social media platforms that can really help you in achieving your goals.

Complete Website

By creating a complete website

To be loved more, the politician should be known more. Public service is about honesty and transparency. Since most people are already on the Internet, the politician should have an accessible website where people can read their biography, political platforms, and other important information that will convince audience to vote for him.

We build a complete website for you that combine style, user experience and functionally include features such as instant translator, social media integration, photo galleries, schedule events and professional appearance.

We could help you by one-to-one consulting web services. Such as-
  • Great custom designs-We create a custom design with your choice of colors, graphics and fonts
  • Your own domain name – We also provide you domain for your site of your choice. Already have a domain? No problem. You can use your own.
  • SEO friendly - Our system is designed to generate a search engine friendly site right from the start.
  • Events manager and forms - Set up events and allow users to register online.
  • Data capture from all forms - Capture and download data from your contact, donation, endorsement and event forms.
  • Sitemap - A sitemap of your site pages is automatically generated for the search engines.
  • Social Media Integration - Add icons to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ and more just by adding a few links.
  • Embed Google maps - Easily add Google Maps to your pages.
  • Embed YouTube videos - Easily embed YouTube video to your pages.
  • Embed Audio - Easily embed audio files to any page.
  • Google Translation - Easily add Google Translation for voters of different languages.
  • Technical support - Get the help you need through our extensive knowledgebase, by email or phone.

Professional Blogging

By Doing Professional Blogging

High quality and engaging blog posts can bring tons of traffic to your website. It can also increase your search engine visibility, boost your social media presence, and reach your target audience.

We helped you by creating a professional and high quality blog that helps in increasing traffic to your website. With blog posts you can become closer to your audience since you can personally touch the lives of people. Our designed blog can help you in crafting the best blog posts for your political movement.

Search Engine Optimization

By Doing Search Engine Optimization -

Google and other search engines are the best places to research important information about a political candidate online. Thus, having a higher visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) is also a must to gain more supporters and potential voters.

So we follow some these steps to optimize your website and content for the search engines: – Using long-tail or specific keywords. –Creative title of your content. – Writing and publishing in-depth articles. – Improving the load speed of your website. – Using a clean and minimalist theme for your website and blog. – Publishing highly engaging content that can attract back links. – By improving the internal linking of related pages in your website. –By improving your website’s user experience. – Doing guest blogging with other high-authority and relevant blogs.

Boost with Paid Ads

By Additional Boost with Paid Ads

Paid advertising like Facebook Ads and Google Ad Words will further extend the reach of your digital marketing campaign. Organic online marketing is effective but by integrating it with paid advertising, it can be a lot more effective. Paid online advertising is also not as expensive as you think.

Facebook Ad boost your Facebook post to reach at least a 100,000 targeted people on Facebook.
We boost your facebook page with paid ads which help you to achieve the following goals at a faster rate:
  • Grow your Facebook Page likes from the people who matters most to you
  • Increase your Facebook posts’ reach and engagements (likes, comments and shares)
  • Generate more exposure for your engaging content to trigger viral marketing
  • Boost your website’s traffic through Google Adwords
  • Increase your website’s traffic from Instagram and other mobile advertising platforms

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